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Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA)

Even if you priced solar power recently, you need to look again. Net Metering Aggregation dramatically changes the financial equation in your favor. The numbers below depict before and after scenarios for an Ag operation with multiple meters on different parcels. Before Net Metering Aggregation, solar power was a good investment. But after Net Metering Aggregation, there is an  additional $3.5 million in savings!

Before Nema After Nema $3.5 Million Additional Savings
• $3 million deployment cost • $2 million deployment cost • $1 million deployment savings
• $200,000 annual savings • $300,000 annual savings • $2.5 million additional lifetime savings

With Net Metering Aggregation, Ag operations can connect multiple meters to a single, centralized solar power system, even if meters are on adjacent properties. Not only does this offer more freedom for system location – minimizing crop displacement – but enables flexible shifting of offsets as usage shifts. The net result is maximum solar ROI.

  • Eliminate/dramatically reduce crop displacement:
    • Maximize placement flexibility to avoid displacing crops altogether
    • Place solar panel systems on non-productive/unused land and put it to productive use
    • Enjoy more installation options with a smaller footprint
    • Reduce engineering, permitting, and installation costs to boost solar ROI even higher than it currently is (already at an all-time high)
  • Drive down the cost of solar even further with volume purchasing of panels for a central array. Much like purchasing anything else in bulk, you can maximize your savings by having one vs. many arrays.
  • Streamlined permitting for faster approvals (1 site vs. multiple sites)
  • You can own your electricity generation system and take advantage of depreciation and other benefits the same way as your utility provider
  • Simplify maintenance, enhance productivity, and ease billing administration (1 system vs. many)
  • With centralized power production, you can plan for the future and hedge against rising energy costs in the most efficient and intelligent way.

Even if you’ve priced solar recently, you need to take another look. Aggregated Net Metering can boost ROI on a solar investment as high as 25%, 40% or even 60% for Ag businesses. But there are ground rules and you need an expert in Ag energy-use and water-use issues to help you maximize your investment.

  1. 1) Projected net economic gain over the minimum 25-year solar photovoltaic (PV) cell system lifecycle after a) savings from reduced electricity expense, b) utility offset/credits for solar power generation. Your return will vary depending on your individual circumstances.
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