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Who Can Benefit from Aggregated Net Metering?

Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) -- also known as Aggregated Net Metering (ANM) or Meter Aggregation -- enables Ag businesses to connect multiple meters to a single, centralized solar panel system...even if the meters are on adjacent properties. This dramatically increases placement flexibility and drives down costs significantly, due to reduced engineering, permitting, procurement and construction costs. NEMA can deliver significant economic and operational benefits for any Ag-related business that has:

  • Multiple meters/service points, either on one property or spread over adjacent properties
  • Single meter/service point with high electric usage, but no space nearby for a solar panel system
  • Operations that have electrical use that varies significantly from year to year based on water deliveries.

Aggregated Net Metering/Net Energy Metering Aggregation has almost universal applicability to all Ag producers and heavy commercial energy users, including:

  • Cold storage facilities
  • Custom farming 
  • Farm managers
  • Food processors
  • Growers/irrigators
  • Irrigation districts
  • Water districts

Aggregated Net Metering/Net Energy Metering Aggregation can benefit most Ag businesses with properties/locations in California:  

  • Reduce engineering, permitting, procurement and constructions costs to boost solar ROI even higher than it currently is (already at an all-time high) while making maintenance easier and less expensive
  • Smaller, more flexible footprint to eliminate/dramatically reduce the need to displace crops   
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