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Jason Smith

Jason Smith

President / COO

Jason Smith is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of CalCom Solar, a leading solar company providing energy solutions for commercial agricultural operations and water management organizations. In 2016, CalCom Solar ranked #3 in the Inc. 500.

Smith leads and manages the company’s operations, with a clear focus on creating and maintaining continuity between functions. He is directly accountable for design and engineering, permitting, supply chain/procurement, project management, field operations, and asset management.

Smith has more than a decade of solar experience in a variety of operational roles. Before joining CalCom Solar, Smith worked for leading solar power contractors such as Stellar Energy, Cenergy Power, Borrego Solar, and SPG Solar. He has built more than 150 megawatts (MW) of solar power generating capacity in nearly ten states.

Prior to working in the solar energy industry, Smith worked briefly in construction management. His passion for operations grew out of his 11 years of experience as a wildland firefighter, eight of which he served on an Interagency Hotshot crew. That experience was perfect training for his current job, he says, “Working on a Hotshot crew as a Captain, you have to be very comfortable with high-risk situations and the responsibility bestowed upon you to make fast-paced, data-driven decisions. You have a lot of data coming in at one time – radios, environment, weather, terrain, humans – and you have to process all of it to make accurate decisions.”

His business operations philosophy is firmly founded upon sustainable processes that create optimal efficiencies and strong continuity throughout the business, leading to high customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and sustainable growth. By investing in the development and voice of employees, Smith seeks to cultivate a collaborative culture where everyone is empowered with the right responsibilities at the right time during project life cycles. Smith has plans to continue positioning himself as a market leader in the solar energy industry for years to come.

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