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DR Dairy

DR Dairy in Chowcilla, CA chose CalCom Solar for their solar installation based on our expertise in helping dairy operations reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. CalCom Solar installed an efficient single-axis tracker solar array to maximize energy production while holding down installation costs.

  • 549 kilowatt  Single-axis Tracker System
  • $9 million in lifetime energy savings
  • Produces about 1,118,600 kilowatt hours of clean, renewable energy


  • Stable, low solar rates locked in for 25 years
  • Solar power system offsets energy equivalent to:
    • 1,836,504 miles driven by an average vehicle 
    • 20,176 incandescent lights switched to CFL’s
    •  86,793 gallons of gasoline
    • 32,139 propane cylinders used for home barbeques
    • 828,498 pounds of coal burned


Calcom Solar, Contractors  Solar Energy, Visalia, CA

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