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Handel & Wilson Farms

Handel & Wilson Farms in Shafter, CA specializes in growing tree nuts, primarily almonds. CalCom Solar deployed a solar array featuring economical ground/fix tilt racking.

  • 360 kilowatt Ground Mount System
  • $2 million lifetime savings on energy costs
  • 611,670 kilowatt hours per year in clean, renewable electricity


  • Low, stable solar rates locked in for 25 years
  • 611,670 kilowatt hours per year is the equivalent of about 422 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of:
    • 1,004,233 miles driven by an average vehicle
    • 47,460 gallons of gasoline
    • 17,574 gas grill propane cylinders burned
    • 11,033 incandescent lamps switched to CFLs 
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