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Solar for Water Districts

For a water district with multiple types of pumps at multiple locations, a solar photovoltaic (PV) cell system optimized by CalCom Solar can provide a net economic gain of more than $4.5 million during the warranted 25-year lifetime of the solar power system1

25-year Projected Savings With PPA vs. PG&E/SCE Rate Increases

With the California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) and ever-increasing electricity rates, identifying an optimized solar energy strategy is more important than ever. Our expertise in Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) enables Water Districts to save millions:

  • Dramatically reduce electricity expense and lock in low rates for next 25 years
  • Eliminate capital outlays (if desired)
  • Capitalize on Net Energy Metering Aggregation opportunities to further maximize savings

Download 7-page eBook “Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) + Meter Aggregation for Water Districts” (PDF)

CalCom Solar’s advanced Ag energy forecasting capability allows us to accurately right-size your solar energy installation:

  • We model your hourly/daily usage compared against dozens of rate and tariff scenarios:
    • We accurately model the impact of low-water years and high-water years on your energy use
    • Our calculations take into account the different energy loads to deliver greater accuracy:
      • Groundwater, booster, surface water pumps
      • Water treatment and filtration facilities
      • Holding tanks, towers and reservoirs

Comprehensive energy management strategies that help water districts reduce/offset energy costs:

  • Ag incentive programs like Demand Response, Peak Day Pricing, Technology Incentives, etc. that pay you to improve energy efficiency
  • Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) that pays up to 60% of the cost of deploying additional self-generation technologies like Digesters, Wind Turbines, Gas Turbines, and more
  • CalCom Solar is a member of Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) and Water Association of Kern County (WAKC)
  1. Assumes 2,000,000 kWh/year, starting at an average PG&E/SCE cost of 12 cents per kWh in 2015 with 6% annual increase (as a reference point, PG&E’s E19 and E20 tariffs had annual increases greater than 6% each year from 2012 -2014) vs. a 20-year PPA arrangement @ 10 cents per kWh, including a solar array production degradation of 0.5% per year..
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