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Why Solar Now?

Even if you priced solar power systems recently, changes in the solar energy market are creating significant new financial opportunities for California agricultural operations:

Current yearly Ag electric costs per meter 25-year utility bill offset from solar energy1
$40,000 + $1.0 m
$75,000 + $2.2 million
$150,000 + $4.7 million

NOW is the best time to invest in low-cost solar energy for Ag:

  • Utility rate hikes continue to rise faster than rate of inflation
  • Solar panel prices are down +80% over last 5 years
  • Financing for Ag solar power can deliver 100% positive cash fl ow from year one
  • Incentives for Ag solar panel systems will end soon
  • CalCom Solar’s innovative, integrated approach ensures maximum ROI
  • CalCom Solar provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure peak performance over the lifetime of your solar power system

Capitalize on CalCom Solar’s expertise in designing, permitting, building and optimizing solar photovoltaic (PV) cell systems for agricultural operations and transform you energy liability into long-term asset that pays you money.

  1. Projected net economic gain over the minimum 25-year solar photovoltaic (PV) cell system lifecycle after a) savings from reduced electricity expense, b) utility offset/credits for solar power generation. Your return will vary depending on your individual circumstances.
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